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Work plan for Europe Desk 2022

Hashomer Hatzair World Movement

The year 2021 was split; In its first part, the global pandemic was still felt in full power and entailed cancellations of winter camps and disruption of ongoing activity in the Kenim. Although we were not completely paralyzed by the lock-downs as it was at the beginning, it was certainly necessary to adjust the activity to the changing reality and deal with the disappointments of the Bogrim*ot and Chanichim*ot from the cancellations of things, sometimes, at the last minute.
The second part of the year was characterized by a return to the routine of Sumerian and activities, both locally: with all the summer camps, and in the European level: Summer seminar in Linz, Austria, and the Machane that was held in Israel together with Yedid (Group of shomrim*ot from north America).
Also the beginning of the Kenim activity this year that was opened as usual.

The insistence on holding the activity under the restrictions of the corona proved on the one hand, the necessity of the physical meeting and gave a boost and energy that everyone seemed to need very much. On the other hand, it brought with it a lot of stress and energy that was invested in managing the situation and dealing with it emotionally and mentally.

In general, it seems that the many efforts during the last year brought the Kenim to a good starting point when it was possible to return to activity – the majority of Kenim are in full momentum, gaining the trust of parents and maximizing the possibilities of activity.

The working assumption for 2022 is that we will be able to sustain all European events, although it is clear that the reality is very dynamic and we are considering the possibility of postponement, cancellation or change. The success of having the camps and seminars should overcome the gap that was opened up with after the year and a half of the corona and return us to a reasonable track towards the 110th university year next year.

We hope that the new program we offer to those who complete the youth movement chapter; led by the Hagshama Department and its continental coordinator, will bring enthusiasm and commitment on their will to continue having a significant connection with the movement. 


  • Recruitment of participants for Mamshichim*ot program in Israel and for Shnat Hachsara.
  • Opening the desk and the Kenim for interactions with other desks in the movement.
  • Strengthen the place of the ‘Russian-speaking Kenim section’ within the European Desk.
  • Creating of a plan and guidelines for the 110th year, starting with the opening activity on Sukkot 5733.

Chalutziut and Hagshama seminar 21-23/1

  • Holding a quality seminar that open and promote a dialogue and changes the attitude of our Bogrim*ot regarding the continuation in the movement after graduating from high school.
  • Submission of a booklet of quality Peulot in English by the end of the first week of January.
  • Having preliminary talks with the Shlichim*ot with Rottem, R. Hagshama in order to mapping and joint thinking on specific adjustments for each Ken.
  • Construction of a continuous work plan throughout the year, in coordination with English speaker Desk Coordinator and Programs in Israel coordinator, with pinning joint activities and decision-making dead-lines.

Journey to Poland – Masa Le’Polin

  • Preparing for a relatively large Masa that includes also those who graduated from high school last year.
  • Having a preparation for the Masa in all the Kenim based on the booklet of Peulot made in 2020.
  • Building a budget and publishing a price in mid-November 2021.
  • Finding guides in all the relevant languages ​​and having a preliminary conversation to align a line before setting out on a Masa.
  • Production of a significant content booklet that will accompany the Hadracha in Poland until the beginning of January and translation into relevant languages ​​until beginning of February 2022.
  • Arrival of Bogrim*ot from all Kenim in which there are groups of relevant ages.
  • Examination of inviting Kenim from Israeli movement if the option to do the Masa in Israel won’t renewed.
  • Building together with ‘Moreshet’ a training course for Masa specialist in various languages ​​and to apply for a grant from the Claims Foundation during 2022.

Summer activity

Last year, the Machane Israel wasn’t held due to entry restrictions due to the corona epidemic. Since in 2023, the 110th anniversary of the movement, the Shomria is expected to take place, we decided this summer to hold two seminars; One is a ‘classic’ 5-day European seminar in Italy for all the Bogrim*ot that will attend Hadracha seminars and Veida.

In order to allow those that graduate from high school this year, to have an experience in Israel, we will organize a 6-day educational tourism trip. The Masa is intended only for those who will not be able to come the year after or for those who can come to Israel for two years in a row. In any case, it should be clarified that the Shomria on 2023 is prioritized.

European Seminars: Hadracha + Veida 28 / 7-2 / 8

  • Attendance of all Kenim and increase in the number of participants to 250 Bogrim*ot.
  • Early preparation for various scenarios related to corona.
  • Production well-designed and quality peulot booklets before the seminar.
  • Create a team with members of the Tzevet chinuchi, Hanhaga and Mazkirut for preparing the Peulot for the Veida, that later will be approved by the Mazkirut.
  • Finding funding sources to support the arrival of representatives from all Kenim.
  • Finding a place, building a budget and publish the price for participation by the end of January 2022.
  • Having a European Veida coordinated with the theme of the coming World Veida.

Masa Israel 2-8 / 8

  • Building a program that combines visit to touristic sites, meeting with organizations and individuals and time for a mutual experience between the Europeans and ‘Yedid’ group.
  • Examination creating a model of “twin Kenim”; Meaning pairing Kenim during the various activities to create a deeper dialogue and friendship.
  • Build a budget, schedule and publish a price by the end of January 2022.
  • Having a well ordered registration of all participants until departure for the summer camps (beginning of mid-June).
  • Finding Technical coordinator up to 1/5.
  • Continue the successful collaboration with the Israeli movement and with Ajial – building a day about shared society and having a group that will be part if both seminars.
  • Continue to strengthen the cooperation with the ‘Yedid’ group. integration.
  • Attendance of all Kenim and having at least 100 participants.

Mishlachat Seminar 12-16/9

  • Attendance of all the Shlichim*ot, throughout the seminar.
  • A common definition of a EU movement agenda based on a clear and agreed work plan to which the Shlichim*ot will feel committed; Both at the Ken level and at the initiative of joint European projects.
  • Educational training and ideological enrichment.
  • Familiarity and bounding of the Mishlachat.
  • Support and strengthen the movement activity in the host Ken.

Hanhagot Seminar 16-18/9

The Hanhagot (leadership) seminar is held in end of the EU Mishlachat seminar and brings together around the “educational table” both the Shlichim*ot and the role holders in the Kenim. The aim of this weekend is to create a European agenda and work plans that will allowed parallel work.

This year, the seminar is expected to take place at the beginning of the year of activity so that it will be possible to “reset” the cycles and start holding these seminars at the beginning of the year – which will help the Kenim to committed for the global work programs and to adjust to the Ken’s programs.

  • Involvement of representatives from all Kenim in Europe, including from the Russian speakers Kenim.
  • Examine the existence of a hybrid seminar in which the participation of those who are not physically present is also possible.
  • Create virtual enrichment slots relevant to Shlichonim*ot in order to connect them even if they cannot be present.
  • Creation of frameworks for further accompaniment (Livui) of the various forums – facilitators must be defined in advance on behalf of the Shlichim*ot or Shlichonim*ot.
  • Examine a concept of holistic leadership that focuses on the whole picture and divide tasks.
  • Existence of specific Peulot for the Role holders of the according their tasks.

Queer and LGBT Seminar

The latest seminar model we developed talks about the training of Bogrim*ot in Kenim by specialists from Israel, in order to provide them the tools to lead some concentrated topics days for this in the camps or in the ongoing activities.
Financing the flight and stay costs will be covered by the Kenim.

  • Structuring the activity format together with a pride team led by R. Keshst.
  • Examine with 3 Kenim (French + Italian +?) A pilot of a concentrated weekend /Moatza.
  • Examine the possibility of holding preparations activities that will be done by the local Tzevet Chinuchi.

Promoting the concept of ‘life movement’:

  • Having a day of development and strategic thinking about the goals and objectives of Hagshama in Europe together with R. Hagshama (Mary) and with r. Continental Hagshama (Tami).
  • Construction and establishment of the recruitment program for Shnat Hachshara and thinking about the Shomeric future, and its inclusion in the work Ken of the Kenim – connected for the goals of Hagshama seminar.
  • Buliding of specific goals for each Ken, in collaboration with the Hagshama Department and programs in Israel Department.
  • Definition and division of roles with the Programs in Israel Department and Hagshama Department regarding the reach-out and accompanying Bogrim*ot who chose not to come for Shnat after graduating from high school.
  • Connect related movements (Belgium, Switzerland) in the Shnat Hachshara program.
  • Involvement of the “Mamshichim*ot” group in leading the Youth Autonomy processes in collaboration with the Hagshama Department.
  • To promote the presence of Mamshichim*ot in the parent committees of the Kenim.

Hakhel Project

Examination of one of the Russian speakers Kenim as a potential for a new community.

Shlichut map

  • Examination of the Shlichut model in Milan together with the Board and the Shlichim and consider of the return to the model of the Shaliach*a from Israel.
  • Replacement of Shlichim*ot in the relevant Kenim in 2022 based on mapping and agreements with the communities.
  • Having of an order and positive process of exchange of Shlichim*ot in the relevant Kenim:
    • Ensure of having an orderly “overlap process” in Kenim where a Shaliach*a e is replaced.
    • Hold preparatory talks and coordinate of expectations with the future Shlichim*ot.
  • Find suitable candidates and recruit them through the Jewish agency if necessary. 

“State of the movement” Month

The purpose of this month is to have an in-depth and broad dialogue with relevant factors in the Kenim (Bogrim*ot/ Shlichonim*ot/ parents) in order to have several different points of view, while strengthening the direct connection between the Hanhaga and the people “on the field”.

  • Coordinate conversations with everyone.
  • Having a relevant form with points to fill out before the call.
  • Having all the notes in an orderly manner towards the personal meetings with the Shlichim*ot.

Working with parent committees/Boards

  • Strengthen the partnership with the parent committees-
    • Meetings with all the chairpersons who come to visit the Israel.
    • Ongoing conversations for updates and discussion of topics related to the activity of the Ken or Shliach*a at least once a quarter.
  • Preliminary agreements with the committees on the outline of actions and decision-making before any important strategic decision related to the Ken.
  • Raising a toast for the Passover: providing an overview of the movement’s activities around the world

Livui Kenim

  • Strengthening the ongoing connection between the Kenim and the Hanhaga.
  • Maintain the continuous contact with the Shlichim*ot throughout the year.
  • Livui conversations on a regular and continuous basis with the desk coordinator with each Shaliach*a. 
  • Improve the work with the periodic reports and reaching a high level of fillings.
  • Build together with Desk coordinators a format for feedback on satisfaction of the Shlichim*ot from the work with the Desk coordinator, and other relevant Hanhaga members.
  • Accompanying and supervising an annual work plan – together with other Desk coordinator.
  • dedicate two weeks during the year of status evaluation meetings on the annual program with the Shlichim*ot.

Visits to Europe

  • Visit to countries I have not visited before: Germany, Spain, Uzbekistan / Kazakhstan.
  • Planning the visit following the “hosting a visit Protocol”. 
  • Building a strategy with the Mislachat of visits of the General Secretary and the Desk coordinator.


  • Monitoring and accompanying work with the Dutch Foundation and the Climes Foundation
  • Continued work of the European Solidarity Foundation
  • Increasing sources of income:
    • Examining the increase in some of the communities in the protests:
      • Conversation with the parents’ committee in Rome
      • Coordination on a new payment outline with Milan
  • Together with Havatzelet- examine of purchase an apartment for The Shaliah*a in Paris
  • Recruit and operating a fundraiser from Europe
    • Finding a professional fundraiser outside the the movement
    • Agree and set the European fundraiser goals and tasks.
  • Examination of the subsidy options in working properly with funds and the government in Germany.
  • Having participation of representatives of the Kenm in the tasks of the fundraising team and the engage of the Shlichim*ot in the effort.

 European Mazkirut

  • Develop a working model of the Mazkirut based on a twice a month meeting as a leadership forum which discusses strategy, and promotes the Vaadot.
  • Moving to work in model of two European Mazkirim*ot.
    • Having virtual and/or physical meetings of the Mazkirut, including preparation days for the Veida.
    • Preparation of the Veida: Decision of the topic, the voting on it and the development of the rationale will be done by the Mazkirut.
      In writing the Peulot will be also involved of Hanhaga members and the European Tzevet Chinuchi. The Mazkirim*ot will approve the Peulot and make adjustments.
    • Development of an executive arm of the Mazkirut that will promote social enterprises alongside theoretical-educational work.
    • Thinking together with the Shlichonim*ot about their involvement into the continental leadership.
    • Strengthen the ongoing relationship with Desk coordinator and having regular meetings also with the General Secretary.
    • Empower attention to personal well-being and feminism in the post-Veida process and produce the Shomeric board-game as one of its product.
    • Establish and operate of the Vaadot in the Mazkirut (logistics, Tnua, Hadracha, communication between Kenim).

Joint delegations – together with Desk coordinators and Education Department

  • Organize of a one-day meeting for all heads of Israeli delegations and a propose a structure for preparation which Emphasis on issues of Jewish peoplehood and Shomeric solidarity.
  • Continued examination to develop new delegations.
  • Work with all the Shlichim*ot in the countries to which delegations goes, in order to build the preparation of the host Ken and build a program that is also adjust to their needs and interests.
  • Think of a joint preparation that initial contact between the participants.
  • Develop the concept of reciprocal visit in Israel. 

 Working with the Russian speakers Kenim (RSK) Desk

  • Development and establishment of work procedures and responsibilities management between Anna and Yahal.
  • Successful integration of RSK Shlichim*ot in the Eu Mislachat meetings and in the European events.
  • Examination of twin nest model.

Goals by countries


  • Analyzing the activity of the Ken and examining if possible to open Kenim in Liege based on the Italian model.
  • Examination, together with the Board, of engagement with the JJL and check potential collaboration.


  • Contacting and examine the possibility of holding a Shomric activity in Basel led of an existing Boger.
  • Contacting and holding joint events with the “Bears”, the community youth movement in Bern.
  • Learning, examining and building an action plan for a gradual transition to one-year Kvutzot.
  • Create and establish a group of local Mamshichim*ot.
  • Strengthening and continuing the work on the Moetzet Chanichim*ot.


  • Mapping of Jewish communities throughout France (numbers, organizations, contacts) and holding a discussion to examine possibilities for expansion to them later.
  • Examination of the leadership model and define roles and tasks togehther with the Moztza..
  • Creating significant roles for Bogrim*ot who remain in Ken after graduating from high school.
  • Create and establish a group of local Mamshichim*ot.
  • Examination of promotion special programs for children before the age of the youth movement.
  • Increase activism and social involvement in the Ken.


  • In order to establish the economic resilience of the Ken and its independence the following issues should be promoted:
    • Increasing the collection percentage of membership fees to 90% and building a budget for camps with a percentage of overheads.
    • Building an accounting tool for tracking expenses and examine them according to predefined items.
    • Having an annual budget for 2022
  • Developing awareness of the use of scouting as an educational tool and implemented it in routine:
    • Having a weekend of Scouting seminar for the Next madrichim*ot, which includes – training, a tough field trip, methodology, ecc.
    • 2. Promote the integration of scouting in the general program (with the aim of one activity per month).
  • Parents Involvement:
    • To increase the circle of parents who are active and involved in what is happening in the Shomeric community.
    • Establishment of a dedicated team that will deal with the 110th events for the movement in 2023.
  • Mapping the Jewish communities throughout the country to examine opportunities for expansion and opening up activities in them.
    • Contacting the Jewish community in Tyrol and inviting them to activities and camps.


  • Extend the team and educate madrichim*ot (retreat, trainings, recruit of thematic madrichim*ot, scholarship for hanhagot)
  • Design and implement sustainability in the movement (recruitment of crew, roles and responsibilities, inheritance.
  • Find a suitable location fir the Ken.
  • Purify network and enhance impact (extend parents/alumni/attendee network, collect data and apply BI)
  • Develop strategy (continue on missing substategies such as educational, fundraising etc)
  • Establish the Young Adult department (gather the founders, research in community).


  • Promoting the “Italian national Ken” (Nassy) in small communities.
  • Strengthening the position of the Italian Mazkirut and continuing to establish the concept of a federal movement throughout the year.
  • Establishing the strategic thinking process and joint decision-making of the parent committees in Milan, Rome and Turin.
  • Dealing with the national post-traumatic following the Corona and finding ways to hold joint camps and ongoing activities alongside the epidemic.
  • To continue the examination of having delegation from Israel to the two large Kenim.


  • Establish work procedures and update between the Shlicha and the parent committee.
  • Examination of an educational connection between the Roman Jewish school and a Shomeric school in Israel (Mevot Iron, Megiddo, Tzafit).
  • Entering a strategic process to examine alternatives to the Ken’s structure, together with the Jewish community and led by the parents’ committee.
  • b. Establishment of a group of Mamshicim*ot.


  • Examining the Shlichut model in coordination with the local parent committee.
  • b. Establishment of a group of Mamshicim*ot.


  • Establishment and registration of a local association and opening a bank account.
  • Establishment of a functioning and active parent committee that regulates the involvement of parents in the Ken.
  • Building a model for spending multi-day trips and activities in a way that regulates insurance and parental responsibility.
  • Establishment of cooperation with the Department of Connection with Israelis in the Diaspora of the WZO. 


  • To create of additional income from the Ken structure.
  • Strengthening and deepening cooperation with ORT, and creating collaborations with Lauder School.
  • Continue to promote cooperation with other Jewish communities and invite them to the movement’s camps (Varna, Plovdiv, Rosa).
  • Defining roles and tasks for the local committee’s boards for parents and former graduates.
  • To start of a certain collection of annual fee.


  • Hosting a Mishlachat seminar and a Hanhagot seminar.
  • Recruitment of 5 Bogrim*ot who will integrate into the Bagrut and train them as Madrihim*ot.
  • Arrival of 3 participants at the European Summer Seminar in Italy.
  • Holding a summer camp with 35 participants, which will also include participants from other cities in Germany.
  • Strengthening close and collaborations ‘Komzitz’, the ‘Mendelssohn’ schools, and the ‘FRAENKEANUFER’ synagogue.


  • Appoint a shlichona, memuna and mazkir.
  • Establish a regular activity schedule with the Bogrim*ot.
  • Visit and meet a Ken in a nearby country.
  • Recruit motivated Bogrim*ot to attend relevant seminars: Hagshama, Machane/Masa Israel, Hadracha, Hanhagot, Ar Keshet.
  • Establish a Young adult section.
  • Present the movement to other ex-Yugo jewish communities.
  • Connect to local youth/leftist organizations.
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