Szerző: | 2022. márc 20. | Humanitárius munka

It was a long way. Our truck had technical problems and got stuck for 2 days on its way to Lviv. From Lviv the goods where mounted to another truck and shipped to Kharkiv

Here is the message from one of our activists:

It is very difficult to read news from Ukraine.  Many more buildings were destroyed.  Roads are blocked.  Thousands and thousands more refugees have left their homes and are trying to start a new life.

Therefore, you are incredibly happy with such things.  Another truck of humanitarian aid successfully, albeit with difficulties along the way, reached to Kharkov, which is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe.  Food, hygiene items, and most importantly, medicines will soon be available to those who need them so much!

Our volunteers in Lvov sorted them out, compiled lists, according to which Kharkov volunteers will deliver them.

P.s.  Volunteers are very happy to say thank you for putting not only the necessary, but also all sorts of sweets.  It is so important that at such a moment Kharkiv residents will be able to please themselves.

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